Flexural Testing Available at ARDL Using the Following Methods:

Demattia Flexometer

ASTM D 430
Standard Test Methods for Rubber Deterioration - Dynamic Fatigue
Flexural Modulus

ASTM D 1004
Standard Test Method for Initial Tear Resistance of Plastic Film and Sheeting

Flexural Properties of Plastics
Goodrich Flexometer

ASTM D 623
Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property - Heat Generation and Flexing Fatigue In Compression

     Method A
          •  Heat Build-Up Conditions
          •  Blow-Out Conditions

Monsanto Flexometer
ASTM D 4482
Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Extension Cycling Fatigue
Ross Flexometer
ASTM D 1052
Standard Test Method for Measuring Rubber Deterioration - Cut Growth Using Flexing Apparatus
ARDL can test to additional standardized specifications as well as custom specifications. If you are interested in a method that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to call (330) 794-6600 or toll free (866) 778-ARDL to find out if we can perform your test. Chances are we can help and if not, we may know someone who can.

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