About ARDL

ARDL is an A2LA ISO 17025 accredited, ISO 9001:2015 registered, FDA compliant independent testing laboratory specializing in rubber, plastic and latex.

We provide our world-wide client base with the comfort of complete confidentiality, the reliability of quick turnaround time and the proficiency, knowledge and expertise that they deserve and have come to expect.  ARDL works with clients to improve products and/or speed production.  ARDL also provides consulting in the legal arena, offering experience-based expert witness and testimony. 

Other services include product and factory technical audits, failure analysis, technical training and technical problem solving.  Using an independent laboratory enables clients to stay focused on what they do best -- running their businesses.  ARDL provides both product and compound development and helps clients meet material and performance specifications cost effectively, thus assisting them in maintaining a competitive edge.

ARDL Offers:

  • Complete In-House Testing and Analysis Capabilities for Rubber, Plastic and Latex
  • Technical Solutions for Non-Standard Testing and Component Testing
  • Performance Testing to ASTM, ISO, SAE, Aerospace, Automotive OEM and Government Specifications
  • Complete Compound Analysis and Material Characterization Capabilities