Our Team

David Nuss

Senior Engineer, Engineering Department

David Nuss has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Youngstown State University.   He has been with ARDL for 7 years, with activity in the Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) testing and service life prediction testing for non-metallic materials used in the oil and gas industry.  David is a member of the ISO 23936 and NACE TG-33 committees for non-metallic materials for the oil and gas industry.

David has worked with customers testing materials to military test specifications and customer specific test specifications.  He has also worked in areas where “thinking outside of the box”  for not-so-ordinary materials and test specimens shapes and sizes are common.  David grew up around high pressure, cryogenic, and flammable gasses with his parent’s welding supply business.

Previously David has worked in the automotive industry as a plastic molding engineer,  automotive wiring and ignition products application engineer, and fiber optics process engineer.  David has one patent in the high voltage ignition products.