Our Team

Sean Djuricic

Sales and Marketing Manager

Sean Djuricic is ARDL's Sales and Marketing Manager in addition to providing outside sales to the Western US.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Media Production from Kent State University and in his 22 years at ARDL he has had hands-on experience with seal and material testing, service life and shelf life prediction studies, fluid and material compatibility studies, reference material mixing and molding and general physical testing.  Sean has managed ARDL’s sales and marketing activities for the past 9 years as well as graphic design and advertising, website design, customer sales initiatives, trade show coordination and customer projects from initial contact to final project report.

Sean is the former Chairman of the Energy Polymer Group and Ohio Rubber Group.  In addition he has held a 2-year Director position with The Los Angeles Rubber Group.  Through this experience he has gained insight and understanding to the everyday business of the rubber industry groups and assists the EPG Board of Directors currently as Parlimentarian.  Sean has organized the technical conferences for both the EPG and Ohio Rubber Group in addition to organizing symposia and conferences covering topics of Service Life Prediction, Finite Element Analysis and Rubber Technology in Akron, New York and India for ARDL.