Our Physical Testing Services laboratory offers a variety of test methods to evaluate abrasion resistance and wear for rubber or plastic materials and products. When designing a compound or product it is important to know the wear characteristics and ARDL provides DIN abrasion, NBS abrasion and Taber abrasion to help you understand the life of your material in wear or abrasive conditions. From footwear to automotive components, we have a full range of equipment including blade abraders, rotary cylindrical drum abrasion and other equipment.

Available Methods

Abrasion Resistance

Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Dimension Stone Subjected to Foot Traffic Using a Rotary Platform, Double-Head Abraser

ASTM C 1353

DIN Abrasion

Testing of Rubber and Elastomers; Determination of Abrasion Resistance

DIN 53 516

NBS Abrasion

Standard Test Method for Rubber Property - Abrasion Resistance (Footwear Abrader)

ASTM D 1630

Rotary Drum Abrader

Standard Test Method for Rubber Property—Abrasion Resistance (Rotary Drum Abrader)

ASTM D 5963

Rotating Cylindrical Drum

Rubber, Vulcanized or Thermoplastic - Determination of Abrasion Resistance Using A Rotating Cylindrical Drum

ISO 4649

Taber Abrasion

Standard Test Method for Coated Fabrics Abrasion Resistance (Rotary Platform, Double-Head Abrader)

ASTM D 3389