Analytical Testing

ARDL offers a full range of chemical services, from single compound identification to complete analysis and theoretical formula reconstruction.  ARDL’s Chemical Services Laboratory is your problem solving laboratory for your rubber, plastic, and latex products and materials.  Our chemists and Ph.D’s provide standard ASTM testing and analysis to help you understand your material’s chemical properties and performance.  We routinely test materials for a wide variety of industries and specifications and can provide expert review of your product or material.  ARDL separates itself from our competition by focusing on polymer materials and through the years of experience of our technicians, chemists and Ph.D. personnel. 

Competitor’s Product Reverse Engineering

ARDL’s chemical services laboratory specializes in analyzing composite rubber along with thermoset and thermoplastic material compounds. A full range of services is available from polymer identification to complete analysis and theoretical formula reconstruction.

Regulatory Testing for Rubber and Plastic Materials

ARDL provides the tools you need to navigate the demanding and rigorous FDA approval process.  Timely FDA approval is critical to your success and ARDL makes it easier on you.  As industry experts in materials and device testing, ARDL can help you minimize your risk through extractables/leachables testing, permeation testing, medical device testing, chemotherapy drug testing and much more

ARDL Specializes in the Identification of:

  • Competitors' Products
  • Environmental Stress Cracking Failures
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Process Aids and Flame Retardants
  • Product Failures
  • Surface Blooms on Rubber, Plastic and TPEs
  • Unknown Materials, Blends and Contaminants
  • UV Degradation
  • Waxes, Ester Plasticizers and Oils

Chemical Testing and Analysis Available in ARDL’s Chemical Services Laboratory Includes: