Carbon Black Content

Carbon black is added to elastomers as a reinforcing agent to significantly enhance certain properties. It is measured by heating a weighed sample in a combustion boat at 850°C under a stream of nitrogen. The combustion boat containing the sample is cooled and weighed again. The carbon black is then burned off in an air atmosphere and the combustion boat is weighed. The loss in mass represents the amount of carbon black. The type of carbon black used in the formulation can be determined using electron microscopy.

Available Methods

Ash Content - Carbon Black

Standard Test Methods for Carbon Black—Ash Content

ASTM D 1506

Carbon Black Content Testing - Pyrolisis Method

Standard Test Methods for Rubber Products-Chemical Analysis

ASTM D 297, Item 39

Iodine Absorption Number - Carbon Black

Carbon Black - Iodine Absorption Number

ASTM D 1510 Method A

Oil Absorption Number (OAN) - Carbon Black

Standard Test Method for Carbon Black—Oil Absorption Number (OAN)

ASTM D 2414 (Procedures A and C)

pH Value Testing - Carbon Black

Standard Test Methods for Carbon Black—pH Value

ASTM D 1512