Carbon Black Sieve Analysis

ARDL offers capabilities to analyze small particle clusters of powdered rubber chemicals and their effectiveness to achieve a uniform cross-linked network. We perform tests for qualitative evaluation of the aggregate size and aggregate size distribution of these powdered chemicals and their effect on the cross-linking properties of a material. We work to determine if the powdered product follows a typical pattern of size distribution using sieve analysis, following ASTM standards.  

Available Methods

Carbon Black - Sieve Residue, %

Standard Test Method for Carbon Black - Sieve Residue

ASTM D 1514

Carbon Black Sieve Analysis

Florida Method for Road Paving Rubber

FM 50559

Wet Sieve Analysis - Powdered Rubber Compounding Materials

Standard Test Method for Rubber Compounding Materials Wet Sieve Analysis of Powdered Rubber Compounding Materials

ASTM D 5461