Flexural Testing

ARDL provides flex fatigue on a wide range of materials using multiple methods. The fatigue tests can be performed using flexural testing such as DeMattia Flexometer, Goodrich Flexometer, Monsanto Flexometer and Ross Flexometer. These flex apparatus help in measuring properties from initial tear resistance to heat generation and flexing fatigue in compression. After discussing the number of cycles and the failure criteria our experts can help you choose the right fatigue test to meet your quality control for material performance needs.

Available Methods

Dynamic Fatigue - DeMattia Flexometer

Standard Test Methods for Rubber Deterioration - Dynamic Fatigue

ASTM D 430

Goodrich Flexometer - Method A - Flex Fatigue in Compression

Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property - Heat Generation and Flexing Fatigue In Compression - Method A: Heat Build-Up Conditions and Blow-Out Conditions

ASTM D 623

Monsanto Flexometer - Cycling Fatigue

Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Extension Cycling Fatigue

ASTM D 4482

Ross Flexometer - Cut Growth

Standard Test Method for Measuring Rubber Deterioration - Cut Growth Using Flexing Apparatus.

ASTM D 1052