Grinding of Plastics & TPE Materials

ARDL’s grinding services allow customers to have their large molded parts, components or molded materials reduced down to a “crumb” material. We are then able to mold test specimens from the materials. ARDL can assist in grinding scrap materials, rejected parts, etc. and through the molding process mix the grinded material with virgin material to provide samples.

We are also able to help customers with re-grind studies to understand the loss of properties such as tensile strength, impact strength when mixing different levels (10%, 20%, 50%, etc.) of regrind with virgin materials. We can then mold tensile, flexural modulus and impact bars for testing to see the property changes. As the industry allows more re-grind in components and parts these studies can help designers and engineers to understand the performance of such materials.

Ultimately, ARDL’s grinding and re-grind studies helps our customers in “Go Green” initiatives. Our customers can use their results to help understand how they can reduce plastic waste, save time and money or other resources and reduce the impact of their plastic materials on the environment and in some cases meet governmental requirements for reduction.