Original Physical Properties

Original Physical Properties testing of rubber materials is an important starting point in characterizing elastomer, plastic and thermoplastic materials.  ARDL provides Original Physical Properties of materials to ASTM, ISO and other required specifications.  Tensile test measurements are made from elongating a material in tension and capturing the point of failure on a standardized sample.  The point of failure or break is used for quality control or to determine the performance of a material in a variety of environments. 

ARDL provides tear testing of samples by introducing a point of rupture in the specimen and measuring the material’s resistance to tearing. The maximum force recorded to tear the sample is recorded as tear strength of the material.  These tests are performed at elevated and subambient temperatures in a variety of environments.

In addition to tensile and tear testing, ARDL performs hardness testing.  These tests are performed according to specified methods or customer requirements using hand held and stationary equipment to penetrate a material with a special indentor.  The durometer of the material is then recorded after a specified period of time.

Available Methods

Classification System For Rubber Products - Automotive Applications

Standard Classification System for Rubber Products in Automotive Applications

ASTM D 2000

Tear Strength of Elastomers - Trouser

Determination of the tear strength of elastomers, Trouser test piece

DIN 53 507