Pressure, Speed, Torque, Force, Displacement, Flow, Acceleration & Sound Measurements

ARDL’s Engineering Services department utilizes a wide range of test methods and equipment to perform testing and analysis of material durability and performance properties for pressure, speed, torque, force, displacement and acceleration.  Testing is performed on a vast array of rubber and plastic articles including belts, biomedical components, bridge bearing pads, dynamic seals, engine mounts, exhaust hangers, shock mounts, tires, hoses, belts vibration isolators, etc., to determine their response to cyclic stress/dynamic load and pressures. 

Pressure testing

ARDL has an Air Driven SC Plunger Pump Model #10-50025 which can test fluid for hose burst pressures up to 15,000 psi at ambient fluid temperatures.  The equipment has mult-fluid capabilities and two station testing.  We also have high pressure impulse testing capabilities for impulse testing up to 1,100 psi for single or multiple samples in a variety of fluids up at fluid temperatures of +300 F. 

ARDL also performs Rapid Gas Decompression testing on materials and seals in high temperature/high pressure environments.  ARDL’s qualification of non-metallic sealing material capabilities includes NORSOK M710 Rev 2 (Annex A and Annex C) aging in high temperature/high pressure environments in fluid to measure the change in mechanical performance and chemical degradation. The pressures available to our customers range from 0 to 20,000 psig for vessels which can test up to three different compounds simultaneously in a variety of test fluids. Our pressure chambers are set up to age materials in sweet and sour gas (containing H2S) environments as well as with other chemicals found in deep well applications. Temperature capabilities range up to 300°C and specimen sizes include BS-325 size O-rings and standard ASTM dumbbells. ARDL RGD Explosive Decompression capabilities for NORSOK M710 Rev 2 (Annex B) and NACE TMO 192 allow for pressures up to 6,000 psig and release rates up to 500 psig per minute performed to the number of cycles required by the customer.


ARDL performs High Speed "Indoor" Wheel Testing of Tires using a horizontal tire test rig that features PLC closed-looped controls which allow very precise control of load, speed and temperature.  The PLC interface will allow the test engineer to load the test profile and then tag all key test parameters throughout the duration of a test for future review.  Speeds up to 150MPH on six tire testing stations with individual elevated temperature settings can be tested.

ARDL’s Plastics Testing lab offers Coefficient of Friction testing for film or sheeting materials to help in understanding the slip properties of the materials.  Whether it is the material sliding over itself or another substance, ARDL can perform the tests at ambient temperature temperatures.  The motion between the two surfaces can be performed using the following specifications:

Force and Displacement

ARDL has several servohydraulic load frames along with two Metrovib electrodynamic testing machines that are capable of dynamic and static characterization of elastomeric and plastic parts for stroke, load control, force and displacement measurements. 


ARDL provides rheometer control testing for rubber material compounds as well as torsional testing to measure the torque values of components and molded specimens.