Rebound Testing

Rebound resilience and measurements of shock absorption properties of elastomer materials are important material characteristics for quality control, research and material development. ARDL offers services for Goodyear Healey/Lupke Rebound, Schob Rebound, Rebound Resilience, Yerzley Mechanical Oscillograph and others.

Available Methods

Bashore Resilience Testing

Standard Test Method for Rubber Property - Resilience by Vertical Rebound

ASTM D 2632

Rebound Resilience - Rubber

Determination of Rebound Resilience of Vulcanizates

ISO 4662

Rebound Resilience - Schob Pendulum

Determination the Rebound Resilience of Rubber Using the Schob Pendulum

DIN 53 512

Yerzley Mechanical Oscillograph

Standard Test Methods for Rubber Properties in Compression or Shear (Mechanical Oscillograph) - Method A, Compression Only

ASTM D 945 - Method A, Compression Only