Solid Modeling

Solid Modeling by ARDL provides a model of your solid parts that can be rendered on your computer screen.  Made up of wire frame structures, we can produce 2D or 3D models simulating your part.  ARDL uses the most reliable computational engineering tools available and has an array of simulation packages and testing machines available to carry out FEA services and testing.  

For Solid Modeling and FEA Model Creation

  • UG Ideas®
  • Abaqus CAE®

For Finite Element Analysis

  • Abaqus®
  • LS-Dyna Explicit®
  • In-house Codes (Material Subroutines)

For Design Optimization

  • LS-Opt®

For Material and Component Testing

  • Servohydraulic MTS® Machines
  • Machines Developed In-house for Tire Testing and Vibration Analysis