Tire Testing

Air Permeation Testing

ARDL’s air permeation testing room has a 50-tire capacity as per ASTM F 1112 and GM test specifications.  For measuring, ARDL utilizes high accuracy pressure gauges which include custom made attachment stem valves.  The controlled temperature chamber provides us with the ability for continuous monitoring.  Throughout the 90-day or 180-day air permeation test, our qualified engineers perform extended data analysis and reporting, utilizing per minute monitoring and calculations.

Innerliner Permeation Testing

Innerliner permeation is conducted to evaluate the effect of air loss on rolling resistance and ultimately to fuel savings.  Less air permeation equals greater fuel savings, as the tires tend to give higher mileage to the vehicle.

ARDL has the capability to test tires in different internal cavity gas environments, such as nitrogen or oxygen with continuously controlled purity levels and can also perform ASTM D 1434 at 21°C and 65°C on innerliners dissected from tires.