Water Absorption

Exposure to water environments can have a detrimental effect on material properties and ARDL understands the need to test these materials prior to service. Water absorption is the diffusion of water in polymer samples and measurement is made by measuring the relative rate of absorption into the material (dependent on thickness) when immersed. This testing is helpful in understanding material performance in electrical and mechanical applications where moisture content and absorption are a factor.

Available Methods

Water Absorption - Plastics

Plastics -- Determination of Water Absorption

ISO 62

Water Absorption of Plastics

Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Plastics - Short Term, Long Term, Boiling Immersion

ASTM D 570

Water Absorption of Plastics

Water Absorption of Plastics - Boiling Immersion, Water Soluble Matter Loss, 50% Relative Humidity Exposure

BS EN ISO 62 2008

Water Absorption of Slate

Water Absorption of Slate

ASTM C 121