Physical Testing

The Physical Testing Laboratory offers a full range of mechanical testing services to evaluate and certify your materials or components.  We offer specimen preparation and testing for suppliers, molders and end users and routine capabilities include performance testing to ASTM, Automotive, and Government specifications as well as impact testing, aging and immersion tests.

Available Methods

Volatile Testing - Silicone

Testing for Residual Silicone Volatiles Content (Compliance/Quality Control/Cure Optimization) using one of the following methods: - ASTM F2466 Determining Silicone Volatiles in Silicone Rubber for Transportation Applications - Daimler Chrysler LP-461J-127 1 (Withdrawn) Silicone Volatiles Determination in Silicone Rubber - Ford AV-102-01 Determination of Percent Silica-Producing Volatiles in Silicone Rubber Adhesives/Sealers Which Cure at Room Temperature - GM 9009P 1 (Withdrawn) Test for Volatiles in Silicone Rubber