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Air Brake Hose Testing with SAE J1402 Test Section 8 Flexure Test Capabilities

Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc.’s has expanded their world-class rubber testing capabilities to include SAE J1402 Section 8 Flexural testing for elastomeric air brake hose.  The air brake assembly specification is utilized by hose and fittings manufacturers to meet service requirements for products crimped in the field and exposed to temperature ranges between -40°C and +100°C.

The test set-up, developed in house by ARDL Engineering Staff, provides testing specific to SAE J1402 Section 8 flexural tests and ARDL can additionally provide the required 168-hour pre-exposure to high temperature aging and salt spray.  ARDL’s set-up is capable of 1,000,000 cycle flex testing and allows for air pressure to be cycled through the elastomeric hose.  Samples can be flexed from center stroke position to up to 75 mm either side of center while cycling the air pressure on for 60 seconds and off for 60 seconds.  This testing can be performed on Type A, Type AI, Type AII (SAE J517 100R5 hose) and Type AIII.

ARDL’s analysis provides customers with performance data of their air brake hose elastomer compounds and products in a simulated field test.  The test data and reports can be applied to meet Department of Transportation requirements for air brake hose assemblies.

CH-3 Ozone Chamber 

ARDL has added an Oxidation Technologies, LLC model CH-3 custom built ozone chamber to our latest accelerated test capabilities for Ozone exposure. The large volume ozone test chamber is an automated operation that allows us to choose the desired ozone level and treatment time. Ozone levels are automatically maintained for pre-set times and includes integrated data logging and trend graphs. The measurements of ozone levels are by a UV based ozone analyzer for precise measurement and control. Highlights of the CH-3 custom built ozone chamber include temperature control with an integrated heater, integrated O3 destruct unit, door interlock for safety, ozone control, precise ozone measurement and remote monitor. Specifications are an Ozone Measurement Resolution of 0.01ppm, UV absorption and Ozone Measurement Accuracy of +/- 2%. ARDL will be able to constantly monitor the ozone pphm and temperature via a web-based monitoring software with 24/7 access to all our existing ozone chambers as well. The addition of this custom-built chamber will increase our testing capacity and help prevent project back logs in addition to giving further confidence in the reliability of our testing with the constant ozone and temperature monitoring.

Metravib DMA+2000 Viscoelastic and Fatigue Testing Machine 

The newest Metravib DMA+2000 Viscoelastic and Fatigue Testing Machine offers advanced capabilities for mechanical property characterization. The machine enhances ARDL’s expertise in viscoelastic and fatigue property testing of specimens and components. Research and development measurements available include frequency sweep, temperature sweep, stress and/or strain amplitude, wave form, and environmental exposure. Specific tests available on the Metravib DMA+2000 include DMA, TMA, tensile/compression tests, glass transition, heat buildup, creep, crack growth, Goodrich flexometer testing, stress relaxation, exothermic reaction, shrinkage and rheological properties. ARDL can assist customers in new material development as well as determine failure modes when only a minimal amount of material is available from the field. Technical parameters of the machine include: Minimum Frequency of 0.00001Hz to 1000Hz, Temperature Range of -150°C to +500°C, 2000N Peak to Peak Dynamic Force, Displacement 12 mm Max, Modulus 500 Pa to 3E12 Pa and Measurement Range >6 decades. ARDL is excited to offer this upgraded dynamic testing capability to complement its wide range of mechanical/physical testing, chemical analysis, microscopy, engineering and compound development services.

MonTech MDR Rheometers and MonTech Mooney Viscometer 

ARDL’s Mixing and Molding laboratory added two MonTech MDR Rheometers, as well as an additional MonTech Mooney Viscometer, all of which are networked, providing quick and easy digital downloads of graphs for comparison. ARDL’s Physical Testing laboratory expanded capacity with the purchase of a new Ozone Chamber. In the Engineering laboratory, ARDL recently acquired a new Metravib Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer DMA+1000. ARDL now operates three Metravib DMA instruments, in addition to several MTS servo hydraulic load frames. This equipment allows ARDL to perform a wide variety of dynamic testing, including tire performance predictors/indicators.

CDS 6200 Pyroprobe Accessory System 

ARDL’s Chemical Services laboratory purchased a new CDS 6200 Pyroprobe accessory system, paired with an existing GC/MS station. The new CDS 6200 Pyroprobe adds an analytical trap, capable of collecting analytes using slow rate pyrolysis. The built-in trap also provides the capability of using a reactant gas to perform thermal desorption on sorbent tubes on larger samples. The CDS 6200 Pyroprobe utilizes a Drop In Sample Chamber (DISC) sample loading system, which makes the loading of the pyrolysis tubes more efficient and the testing more repeatable. This new system also performs Multi-Step Pyrolysis, which allows key components of materials to be easily separated into multiple chromatograms for further analysis.

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