Available Methods

AC Dielectric Strength

Standard Test Method for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage and Dielectric Strength of Solid Electrical Insulating Materials at Commercial Power Frequencies
ASTM D 149

Conveyor Belts – Electrical Conductivity

Electrical Conductivity of Conveyor Belts
ISO 284

DC Resistance or Conductivity

Standard Test Methods for DC Resistance or Conductance of Insulating Materials
ASTM D 257

Dielectric Constant

Standard Test Methods for AC Loss Characteristics and Permittivity (Dielectric Constant) of Solid Electrical Insulation
ASTM D 150

Electrical Insulating Material – Volume Resistivity

Volume Resistivity of Electrical Insulating Material
IEC 60093

GM Work Method – Volume Resistivity

Volume Resistivity - GM Work Method
GMW 14711

Volume Resistivity – Conductive and Antistatic Materials

Standard Test Method for Rubber Property – Volume Resistivity of Electrically Conductive and Antistatic Products
ASTM D 991

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