Rheometer Control Compound (SBR)

Rheometer Control Compound (SBR)

ARDL is working hard to maintain supply of our certified materials & test plaques. Unfortunately, with the current logistic delays due to issues with shipping and the ongoing pandemic, ARDL may not be able to fulfill all orders at this time. In some cases, material ingredients required for compounds are delayed or not available currently and there is not a set date when they will become available. We are also experiencing situations where materials have been discontinued completely. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for these issues causing unknown lead times. For the latest updates and any questions or concerns about an order, please reach out to our Compounding/Mixing department at answers@ardl.com. We value your choosing ARDL for your slab and compound materials and hope these issues will be resolved soon.

Rheologic Control Compound for Rheometer

Statistical process control is a fundamental key to success in today’s high precision, high volume, continuous process production in the rubber and plastics industries. Instrument calibration to standard references with continual monitoring is the key to statistical process control. Without it, keeping your production on-line and on-spec is nearly impossible.

Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. (ARDL) is the source for your lab’s vital control material – a standard compound for Rheometer process control. This product, a certified SBR compound chosen for its reproducibility, is produced by ARDL under carefully controlled and monitored conditions. This reference material is available with certified characteristics. The following results are typical: (See note 1)


ARDL will produce this material in accordance with ASTM standard production and process controls. All raw materials will be certified to ASTM standards and to manufacturers’ specifications. All production will be on certified and calibrated equipment by trained and certified technicians, under the direct supervision and control of ARDL.


This material is available in quantities of 5 pounds. All shipments will be made in protected and sealed containers. The following prices shall apply for all shipments in the contiguous United States and Canada:


  • Please contact ARDL’s Manager of IRM Sales at answers@ardl.com or at 330-794-6600 for current pricing.
  • For shipment outside the contiguous USA or Canada, please contact ARDL .
  • Shipping charges will be added to all orders.


This material must be maintained at below freezing temperatures (32°F or 0°C maximum) at all times. Failure to maintain the material at below freezing temperatures may render the material unsuitable for reference use and reduce its shelf life significantly.


The standard reference compound should be warmed slowly, under ambient conditions, for 8-24 hours prior to use. Keep wrapped during warm-up to prevent condensation from forming and causing moisture absorption. ARDL recommends using the control compound for each Rheometer a minimum of once per day for routine laboratory operations and once per shift for continuous, 24-hour operations.

Warranty and Certification

ARDL certifies that this reference compound, when properly stored and used, will exhibit reproducible results as illustrated on the front page. ARDL makes no other warranty, either stated or implied.

If interested in purchasing rheometer control compound material, please contact ARDL via email or by phone at (866) 778-ARDL or (330) 794-6600.

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