IRM Materials

IRM Materials

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ARDL is working hard to maintain supply of our certified materials & test plaques. Unfortunately, with the current logistic delays due to issues with shipping and the ongoing pandemic, ARDL may not be able to fulfill all orders at this time. In some cases, material ingredients required for compounds are delayed or not available currently and there is not a set date when they will become available. We are also experiencing situations where materials have been discontinued completely. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for these issues causing unknown lead times. For the latest updates and any questions or concerns about an order, please reach out to our Compounding/Mixing department at We value your choosing ARDL for your slab and compound materials and hope these issues will be resolved soon.

Industry Reference Materials (IRMs), used for a number of test methods under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D11, are prepared according to ASTM D4678, “Preparation, Testing, Acceptance and Documentation for Industry Reference Materials (IRM)”.  Refer to this for details not covered in this document.  Candidate materials that are intended as IRMs are tested and accepted on the basis if (1) homogeneity of the lot and (2) an Accepted Reference Value or AR-value, for the appropriate properties for any IRM.  The AR-value is the test value that should be obtained (within specified limits) for the selected one or more properties.  AR-values are of two types:  Global AR-values, obtained as an average (with specified 3 s limits) from an interlaboratory test program and Local AR-values, obtained as an average (with specified 3 s limits) for the laboratory involved with the preparation and testing.

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