ARDL Expands Its Scope of Accreditation to Include Natural Rubber Latex Protein Testing

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Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. (ARDL) announces the expansion of its scope of accredited tests with the addition of the ASTM D 5712 and ASTM D 6499 standards. 

The ASTM D 5712 (Standard Test Method for Analysis of Aqueous Extractable Protein in Natural Rubber and Its Products Using the Modified Lowry Method) assay is a chemically based method for the determination of the total extractable protein content from rubber products.  The ASTM D 6499 (Standard Test Method for the Immunological Measurement of Antigenic Protein in Natural Rubber and its Products) assay is an immunologically based test method that specifically quantifies the level of Hevea proteins.

These two methods constitute the basis of the natural latex allergy product evaluation and are being conducted within ARDL’s newly established Microbiology laboratory under the direction of David Kostyal, Ph. D. (ARDL Senior Microbiologist).  The laboratory focuses on latex protein testing and biocompatibility assays and further expands ARDL’s capabilities in the microbiological field.  Dr. Kostyal’s experience includes various hospital and non-profit research facilities, and he serves as Chair of ASTM WK 25943 – New Test Method for Immunological Assay to Quantify Extractable Guayule Proteins.  Prior to joining ARDL, Dr. Kostyal had 15 years of experience performing both ASTM D 5712 and ASTM D 6499.

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