ARDL Failure Analysis Training

ARDL Failure Analysis  – (Approximately 3 Hours)

1.  Why do items fail?
    a.  Missapplication
    b.  Abuse
    c.  Lack of Maintenance
    d.  Manufacturing Defect
    e.  Design Defect
    e.  End of Service Life

2.  Scientific Method
    a.  Observing
    b.  Gathering Facts, Identifying Patters
    c.  Developing a Hypothesis That Fits The Facts
    d.  Testing The Hypothesis
    e.  Repeat Steps 1-4 As Necessary
    f.  Finalizing and Validating Conclusions

3.  Failure Analysis Examples
    a.  St. Lawrence Seaway Dock Fenders
    b.  Nylon Caps
    c.  Polycarbonate/Rubber Gasket Combination

4.  Conclusions

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