ARDL Rubber Training – Analytical Chemical Testing of Rubber

Analytical Chemical Testing of Rubber Course Outline – (Approximately 45 Minutes)

1.  TGA Analysis {Thermogravimetrical Analysis)
   a.  Procedure Overview
   b.  Temperature Ranges Where Rubber Components are Volatilized
   c.  TGA Analysis for Quality Control

2.  FTIR {Fourier Transform Infrared Analysis)
   a.  Procedure Overview
   b.  FITR Peaks for Common Rubber Elastomers
   c.  FTIR for Quality Cont ro l, Identifying Rubber Types and Chemical Identification

3.  Rubber Products – Chemical Analysis by ASTM D 297
   a.  Identification of Chemical Ingredients in a Rubber Compound
   b.  Identification of Rubber Compound Inorganic Fillers
   c.  Rubber Hydrocarbon Content
   d.  Density
   e.  Sulfur Analysis
   f.  Determination of Rubber Type
   g.  Extraction

4.  Pyrolysis GC/MS (Pyrolysis Gas-Chromatography I Mass Spectrometry
   a.  Procedure Overview
   b.  Identification of Rubber Compounding Ingredients
   c.  Polymer Identification

5.  Thin Layer Chromatography
   a.  Procedure Overview
   b.  Identification of Antidegradants, Stabilizers

6.  DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry )
   a.  Procedure Overview
   b.  Melting Point
   c.  Tg, Glass Transition Determination

7.  Formulation Reconstruction. Complete Analysis
   a.  Analysis of Thermoset and Thermoplastic Compounds
   b.  Steps in Formula Reconstruction
   c.  Preliminary Characterization
   d.  Chemical Analysis (1)
   e.  Chemical Analysis (2)
   f.  Chemical Analysis (3)
   g.  Theoretical Formula Reconstruction
   h.  Validation, Mixing and Testing of Reconstructed Formulations

8.  ARDL Specialty Capabilities
   a.  Pyrolysis GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy)
      i.  Polymer Blends
      ii.  Polymer Microstructure
   b.  LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy)
      i.  ppb Analytical Capability
      ii.  Leachables
      iii.  FDA Compounds
    c.  GPC (Polymers) (Gel Permeation Chromatography)
      i.  Molecular Weight Distribution
    d.  LECO Sulfur Determinator
    e.  Bloom Analysis
    f.  Gas Permeation

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