ARDL Rubber Training – Compound Development, Problem Solving and Failure Analysis in the Rubber Industry

Compound Development, Problem-Solving and Failure Analysis in the Rubber Industry – (Approximately 1.5 hours)

1.  Compound Design
    a.  Determine Product/Part Requirements
       i.  Manufacturing/Curing Process
       ii.  Statutory and Regulatory Concerns
    b.  Determine Material Specifications
       i.  Original Physical Properties
       ii.  Aged Physical Properties
       iii.  Chemical Resistance
       iv.  Environmental Resistance
       v.  Dynamic Properties
    c.  Determine Potential Polymer Types
       i.  What Conditions is the product exposed to – temperature, chemical, pressure, etc.
       ii.  Using the ASTM D 2000 Standard Classification System
       iii.  Polarity Rules With Polymers
    d.  Develop a Formulation to Meet the Requirements
       i.  Filler Systems
       ii.  Cure Systems
      iii) Anti-degradant Systems
       iv) Specialty Additives

2) Quality Control Fingerprinting a Compound
    a) Fingerprinting a Material
       i) Mild Use Conditions
       ii) Moderate Use Conditions
       iii) Harsh Use Conditions
       iv) Short Product Life
       v) Medium Product Life
       vi) Long Product Life

3) Failure Analysis
    a) Why do Objects Fail?
      i) Misapplication
       ii) Abuse
       iii) Lack of Maintenance
       iv) Design Defect
       v) End of Service Life
    b) Failure Analysis Examples
    c) Examples of Failure Modes and Predictive Testing
    d) Laboratory Techniques used in Failure Analysis
       i) Physical Properties
       ii) Dynamic Properties
       iii) Microscopy Failure Analysis
       iv) Chemical Analysis

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