ARDL Rubber Training – Plasticizers and Process Aids

Plasticizers and Process Aids – (Approximately 2 Hours)

1.  Petroleum Process Oils
    a.  Introduction
    b.  Oil Composition
    c.  Refining Process
    d.  Typical Tests for Oils
    e.  ASTM Petroleum Oil Characteristics
    f.   Oil Effects on Compound Tg
    g.   Properties of Process Oils
    h.   Oil Effects on Rubber Properties
    i.   Compatibility of Oil with Rubber
    j.   Restrictions on Aromatic Oil
    k.   Substitutes for Aromatic Oil
    l.   ASTM Reference Oils and Fluids

2.   Non-Petroleum Plasticizers
    a.   Selection of Plasticizers
    b.   Rubber Compatibility (HallStar chart. 
    c.   Comparison of Plasticizers
    d.   Adipates
    e.   Azelates
    f.   Benzoates
    g.   Mono-esters
    h.   Phosphate Esters
    i.   Phthalates
    j.   Polymeric Polyesters
    k.   Sebecates
    l.   Trimellitates
    m.   Epoxidized
    n.   Tallates
    o.   Miscellaneous

3.   Process Aids
    a.   How Process Additives Work
    b.   Types of Process Aids
    c.   Fatty Acid Derivatives
    d.   Hydrocarbon and Coumarone-Indene Resins
    e.   Novolak Phenolic Resins
    f.   Peptizers
    g.   Pine-Based Chemicals
    h.   Organosilicones
    i.   Oxidized Asphalt and Coal Tar Products
    j.   Waxes
    k.   Tackifier Performance

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