ARDL Rubber Training – Processing and Plant Warehousing

Processing and Plant Warehousing (Approximately 1.5 Hours)

1.  Processing
    a.  Types of Mixers
    b.  Rotor Designs
    c.  1 Pass versus 2 Pass Mixing
    d.  Conventional versus Upside Down Mixing
    e.  Batch Sizing
    f.  Common Polymer Drop Temperatures
    g.  Common Mixing Problems and Fixes
    h.  Process and Quality Testing
    i.  Molding
    j.  Extrusion
    k.  Calendering
    l.  Autoclave Steam Curing

2.  Warehouse Storage of Rubber Chemicals
    a.  Flammable and Combustible Liquids
    b.  Flammable Solids
    c.  Poisons (Toxins)
    d.  Water Reactive
    e.  Chemicals that Degrade Other Chemicals
    f.  Organic Peroxides

3.   Useful References

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