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Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. - Technical Training Courses and Webinars

ARDL has a full staff of experts in the rubber, plastics and testing fields available to provide technical training.  A variety of training topics are listed below.  If you do not see the training you want or need something tailored to your business, let us know.  We are able to accommodate most requests.  Training can be done at our laboratory sites in the greater Akron area, can come to your facility or provide online courses and webinars.  Our courses run from 30 minutes up to 3 days and courses may be combined.  The comprehensive Intermediate to Advanced Rubber Compounding Course includes many of the short courses listed below.  Onsite and virtual laboratory tours may be incorporated into training sessions as well.  Training sessions are priced on a per hour basis, making it economical if you have several people to train.

Have questions about ARDL's Technical Training Courses and Webinars? Would you like to discuss a custom training course or schedule a training session?  Contact us today and an ARDL Team member will work with you to provide you the best program for success.

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ARDL team members can modify any of the topics below to meet your needs and are willing to put together new courses as requested,

ARDL Technical Training - Course Topics:

•  Intermediate to Advanced Compounding and Rubber Testing Course

  Adhesion Course **

•  Analytical Chemical Testing of Rubber **

•  Anti-degradants for Rubber **

•  Basics of Polymer Testing and Processing

•  Basic Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties Review

•  Basic Rubber Compounding (Introductory Course)

•  Compound Design, Problem Solving and Failure Analysis in the Rubber Industry

•  Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties Review and Effect of Rubber Compound Ingredients

•  Elastomer Polymer Chemistry **

•  Failure Analysis Training

•  Fillers:  Non-black and Carbon Black

•  Plasticizers and Process Aids **

•  Processing and Plant Warehousing 

•  Processing and Testing of Rubber

•  Rubber Compound Design, Testing, Warehouse Storage and Useful References **

•  Vulcanization and Curing Chemistry **


** Included in Intermediate to Advanced Rubber Compounding Course