Online Training Course – Processing & Testing of Rubber – January 19th, 2021

We are happy to announce the upcoming “Processing & Testing of Rubber” online training course brought to you by Rubber Division ACS and ARDL and held Tuesday January 19th.   Instructor Kylie Knipp (ARDL Technical Advisor) will discuss mixing, extrusion, molding and testing as the focus of this course.  Different mixer types and rotors types will be reviewed in addition to extrusion, salt batch and other processing including troubleshooting processing problems.  Compression, injection, transfer molding and other molding will also be discussed.  The testing section will include quality control and more details on most standard rubber tests.  This course is only available online so don’t miss out!

"Processing & Testing of Rubber"

Tuesday – January 19th, 2021


To register please visit the Rubber Division ACS website.
Details and Registration can be found here:

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