Webinar on Failure Analysis


Webinar on Failure Analysis
Tuesday, June 22nd
1PM – 3PM ET

Please join us for the latest webinar General Considerations in Failure Analysis of Rubber and Elastomers. This webinar isbrought to you by Rubber Division, ACS and ARDL and will be held June 22, 2021, from 1PM to 3PM ET. Instructor and ARDL Senior Technical Advisor Jason Poulton, Ph.D., will discuss reasons items fail such as misapplication, lack of maintenance, manufacturing or design defects, etc. Also discussed is how to apply the scientific method during failure analysis.  A few real-world examples will be used to demonstrate the principles presented.

Price: Free for Members / $99 Non-member. To register please visit the Rubber Division, ACS website.

Details and Registration can be found here: https://tockify.com/rubberdivisionacs/detail/483/1624381200000

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