IRM-031 Sulfur

Evaluation of this IRM

This lot of sulfur is a Local AR-value IRM. International Sulfur, Inc. produced it in July 1998 and the blending of the material was done by Akron Dispersions Inc. Homogeneity testing was conducted via the procedures as outlined in ASTM D 4678 Annex A.3 on the basis of (%) oil content analysis, via ASTM D 4573-95, for eight individual samples taken from the beginning to end of the lot production. The lot was declared to be homogeneous using the procedure as outlined in Annex A.3. The Local AR-value for % of oil content as obtained from the homogeneity testing is given below. One secondary property, wet sieve testing, was deemed important and an analysis was conducted for wet sieve analysis (for #100 and #200 sieves) via ASTM D 4572-89, on a composite sulfur sample obtained by blending all individual homogeneity samples.

Local AR-value

Oil Content, %, (ASTM D 4573) +/- 3 s = 7.85 +/- 0.56

Secondary Property

  • Wet Sieve (ASTM D 4572) (% through #100) +/- 1 s = 99.97 +/- 0.018
  • Wet Sieve (ASTM D 4572) (% through #200) +/- 1 s = 97.00 +/- 0.072
  • (The 3 s limits are based on 15 DF; 1 s limits are approximately 3 DF)

Supplementary Information

Store this IRM in a cool dry location; it is expected to remain stable for a period of five years. A full ‘Research Report’ documenting all the analysis for this IRM is on file at ASTM Headquarters, 100 Barr Harbor Dr., W. Conshohocken PA, 19428 USA.

Ordering IRM-031 Sulfur

This IRM is available for purchase in the following way:


  • IRM-031 Sulfur, 6000 grams per carton
  • 1 carton containing 4 bags (1500 grams each)
  • Contact us for pricing.

Domestic shipments can be made within 48 hours of receipt of purchase order. International shipments can be made within 48 hours of receipt of funds in US currency. Wire transfer, Mastercard/VISA also accepted.

* ASTM Committee D11- Rubber and Rubber Products ‘Document Sheet’ for Industry Reference Material IRM-031 Sulfur

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