It’s BOATING SEASON! Have you checked your impellers lately?

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It’s BOATING SEASON! If you own a boat, have you checked your impellers lately?
Impellers are rubber devices that force water into the boat’s engine in order to cool the engine much in the same way that your car’s water pump forces coolant through your car’s engine. Because impellers are made of rubber, they will eventually wear out and should be replaced regularly. Products sometimes fail before they wear out. If product failure leads to property damage or personal injury, regardless of the cause of failure, manufacturers can find themselves involved in litigation (claims and lawsuits), even when there is no problem with their product. In a recent litigation matter an impeller failure resulted in an overheated engine and cracked engine block. Using a variety of rubber testing techniques, ARDL experts were able to determine the root cause of the failure which resulted in a favorable outcome for our customer. To learn more about ARDLs forensic and failure analysis capabilities, click the following links:

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