ARDL’s main forte has always been materials evaluation and development. In addition to complete rubber and plastic compound formulation, ARDL has made an entry into the field of advanced materials development and high performance material evaluation based on various nanoscale particles.

Whether you have nanoscale fillers intended to reinforce materials or nanoscale reagents intended to enhance cure chemistry/kinetics, ARDL has the expertise to help. ARDL will assist you in evaluating and developing compounds to better suit your needs, as well as in generating the marketing data necessary for you to enter the ever-competitive market of polymer additives.

Put ARDL’s experienced and knowledgeable technical personnel, state-of-the-art equipment and wide range of testing capabilities to work solving your high performance materials problems, so you will have the extra edge necessary to penetrate this market.

Nanoscale Evaluation and Development Services

If you would like more information about Nanotechnology Evaluation & Development Services, please contact us via email or at (866) 778-ARDL or (330) 794-6600

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