Thomas (Dusty) Samples

Manager Chemical Services

Dusty Samples is Manager of the Chemical Services Department at ARDL.  Dusty has held many positions at ARDL, beginning as a mill, press, and banbury operator.  He also has experience working as a Research Assistant, as well as helping with marketing and graphic design.  Dusty found his home at ARDL when he started as a Chemical Technician in the Chemical Services Department in 2007.  He has years of hands-on experience with many of the tests performed in the Chemical Services Department including thermal analysis (TGA, TMA, DSC, & DMA), gas permeability, LECO elemental analysis, FT-IR spectroscopy, difficult sample preparation, and wet chemistry, just to name a few.  Dusty has a passion for finding solutions to customers’ toughest problems and being part of the team of specialists that makes ARDL the go-to lab when it comes to expertise in polymer testing.

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