Technical Training

ARDL has a full staff of experts in the rubber, plastics, latex and testing fields available to provide training.

If you do not see the training you want or want something tailored to your needs that can be down as well. Training can be done at our laboratory sites in the greater Akron area or we can come to your facility.  Our courses run from 30 minutes up to 3 days. You can combine several courses. The comprehensive Intermediate to Advanced Rubber Compound Course includes many of the short courses listed.  We also can offer tours of our laboratories as well.  The cost of the training course is based on a per hour basis not on a per person basis. This makes it economical if you have several people to train.


  • Adhesion Course
  • Analytical Chemical Testing of Rubber
  • Anti-degradants of Rubber
  • Basic Rubber Compounding
  • Compound Design, Problem Solving and Failure Analysis in the Rubber Industry
  • Elastomer Polymer Chemistry
  • Fillers
  • Plasticizers and Process Aids
  • Processing, Warehouse
  • Rubber Compound Design, Testing, Warehouse Storage
  • Vulcanization and Curing Chemistry Outline

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