Compression Molding

The mechanical properties of thermoplastic and thermoset materials are subject to the methods in which they are prepared and molded. ARDL follows strict guidelines and customer instruction when compression molding samples. We are able to compression mold flat sheets and ASTM samples from powder or pellets to the specifications and conditioning provided by the manufacturer or customer. When it is not possible for our customers to mold the needed test samples for testing in-house, ARDL can help to produce samples of the correct dimensions and thickness specific to the plastic material. We can compression mold a variety of materials to meet the requirement of a number of tests from tensile testing to flammability tests and much more.

Available Methods

Compression Molding - Flame Mold

Flame Mold - Compression Molding Plastics


Compression Molding - Thermoplastic Materials

Standard Practice for Compression Molding Thermoplastic Materials into Test Specimens, Plaques, or Sheets

ASTM D 4703

Compression Molding of Thermoplastics

Compression Molding of Thermoplastics - Plastics

ISO 293

Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics

Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics

ASTM D 695

Molding & Curing Compression Buttons

Testing Dynamic Properties of Elastomeric Isolators

SAE J1085