Dry & Wet Sieve Analysis

ARDL’s Chemical Services Laboratory performs a number of analytical techniques useful for quality control of materials, including dry and wet sieve analysis. Chemical analysis using sieve techniques allows for quick and cost effective measurement of particle size and mass of dry and relatively free flowing materials. ARDL’s sieves are calibrated to ASTM standards and we can provide a variety of diameters for quality control including compliance, inspection and calibration.

Available Methods

Carbon Black Sieve Analysis

Florida Method for Road Paving Rubber

FM 50559

Sieve Analysis for Carbon Black, %

Standard Test Method for Carbon Black - Sieve Residue

ASTM D 1514

Wet Sieve Analysis - Powdered Rubber Compounding Materials

Standard Test Method for Rubber Compounding Materials Wet Sieve Analysis of Powdered Rubber Compounding Materials

ASTM D 5461