Reverse Engineering & Formula Reconstruction

What’s In Your Compound?

ARDL’s chemical services laboratory specializes in analyzing composite rubber along with thermoset and thermoplastic material compounds. A full range of services is available from polymer identification to complete analysis and theoretical formula reconstruction.

Why Perform Such Detailed Analysis?

Complex analysis performed at ARDL, such as the chemical reconstruction of an elastomeric material, can aid you in:

  • Assuring the quality of ingredients in your material
  • Finding the root cause of catastrophic or premature failure
  • Reducing the cost of material development
  • Supporting you during forensic investigation and litigation
  • Enabling you to keep up with your competitors
  • Eliminating product performance variations
  • Investigating possible patent infringement
  • Determining ingredients for FDA approval
  • Ensuring specification compliance
  • Verifying the approval and acceptance of imported goods by US Customs