Wax Content

ARDL offers Wax Content testing and analysis to measure the waxy hydrocarbons, paraffin or microcrystalline types used for ozone protection. The waxy hydrocarbons migrate to the surface of the elastomer forming a protective film at the rubber surface minimizing the effects of ozone. Measurement of the wax content is useful because its solubility is different in different elastomers or in the same elastomer with different fillers or plasticizer levels. (This test is not included with ARDL's standard or complete chemical analysis since wax is not present in many cases.) When wax is present, the parts per hundred of rubber hydrocarbon is estimated in the reconstructed formulation on ARDL’s complete chemical analysis report.

Available Methods

Wax Content - Waxy Hydrocarbons

Standard Test Methods for Rubber Products-Chemical Analysis

ASTM D 297, Section 24