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The Advantages of Organizational Changes for ARDL: Improved Focus and New Opportunities

We are thrilled to announce the promotions of Nicki Hershberger and Katie Kelley. Their dedication and initiative have proven to be a valuable asset to the growth and success of ARDL, benefiting both the company and its employees.

Nicole Hershberger has been named Vice President of ARDL’s Technical Advisory Group as well as Sales & Marketing, acknowledging her expertise and understanding of polymers as well as the various markets and industries associated with rubber. Her 28-year career in the rubber industry has provided Nicki the knowledge and experience that will be essential in driving ARDL’s continued reputation as a benchmark for polymer testing and development.

Katie Kelley has been named Communications Specialist, reflecting her exceptional communication abilities with clients, employees, and partners. Her talents in this area will be instrumental in expanding ARDL’s reach within the rubber and plastics industry and the local community. Katie’s nine years of experience as an LPN, coupled with her background in real estate, provides a distinctive viewpoint spanning multiple industries.

Our conversations with clients, customers, and the community have revealed a common theme – surprise at the breadth of ARDL’s capabilities. Our goal with the promotions of Nicki and Katie is to help address this issue by showcasing the full range of services we offer, not necessarily an individual department or test method. As with any specification, a single test is of minimal value, but when combined with others, it contributes to the production of a great product or material. Similarly, while our individual laboratories may not solve a problem by themselves, together our team represents an extraordinary and valuable asset. ARDL’s success over the past 62 years is a testament to the commitment of our team members, some of whom have spent their entire careers with us.

“When I saw the wheels separately turning in both Nicki and Katie’s heads, I knew I had to put the two of them together. They work so well together and are very complimentary to one another. I know they will accomplish anything they set out to do.” CEO, Tim Samples, on his reasoning behind the organizational change.

Congratulations again to Nicki Hershberger and Katie Kelley on their well-deserved promotions! ARDL is proud to have such dedicated and hardworking individuals on our team. We cannot wait to see all the great things they will achieve in their new roles.

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