Tire Failure Prediction

ARDL’s sample preparation team dissects tires to be analyzed and two 1″ sections 180° apart are micro-photographed for documentation of fundamental construction features, component dimensions and component placement, gauges of innerliner, wedge and skim compounds, and stock division lines in the crown and belt regions including tread, tread base, undertread, sidewall, skim and wedge components.

The tire is sectioned, the sections are aerobically aged, inflated and placed under dynamic cycling conditions for specified times and temperatures. Tire sections are mounted in a special ARDL-designed jig to effect a seal such that the section can be reliably pressurized and dynamically cycled at appropriate frequencies. The air permeation rate is measured during the test.

Tire section specimens will be prepared from aged and control sections for the following tests and analyses:

  • Reverse Engineering on Individual Components
  • Tread and Belt
  • Undertread/Cushion
  • Innerliner and Steelcord Wedge
  • Skim Analysis
  • Belt Wedge Analysis
  • Tread Compounds
  • Crosslink Density
  • Type Sulfur Crosslinks
  • Micro DeMattia Test

Adhesion specimens will be prepared from the control and aged sections for peel adhesion at both 23°C and 100°C. This type of analysis will simulate the effects of aging of a tire in the field.

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