Tire Testing

  • Level I Testing
  • Innerliner Permeation Test on Whole Tire and Intercarcass Pressure Testing
  • Regulatory Evaluations (TREAD Act)
  1. Specialized Bead Unseat Test
  2. Plunger Testing
  3. Aging Evaluations
  • OEM Evaluations
  1. Ford Specification
  2. GM IPR Specification
  • Consumer Evaluations
  1. Vibration Analysis
  2. Tread Wear and Friction
  3. Flat Spotting Test

Tire Component Testing

  • Level II and Level III Testing
  • FEA and Tire Specification Development
  • Innerliner Permeation Test on Extracted Innerliners
  • ARDL Benchtop Tire Wear and Traction Testing Machine
  • Belt Package Fatigue Life (S-N Curve)
  • Life Prediction of Tire Belt Edge (U.S. Patent 7,249,497)

Advanced Research & Development

  • Service Life Prediction of Tires and Tire Components
  • Failure Analysis
  • Functional Testing Procedure Using Tire Sections for Failure Prediction

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