Bob Hershberger

Mixing & Compounding Manager

Bob has been part of the rubber industry for over 25 years.  He started as a mill man at Polymerics  Inc. in 1990 and quickly moved in to a supervisory position.  He attended classes at Akron University and became the plant manager of a silicone manufacturing facility.  He has experience with mixing, milling, and molding all thermoset polymers.  He consults on molding and mixing production improvements ranging from decreased cycle times, optimal mix, mold configuration, and molding issues including fouling, regrind, and other visual defects.  He can provide assistance with start up and prototype production molding processes. 

ARDL finds solutions to customer’s toughest problems regarding polymers, including compound analysis and development, conducting process and production audits, creating highly advanced test systems when a standardized testing specification does not exist, designing application-specific failure analysis programs, predicting service and shelf life and much more.

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