Technical Papers

Sustainable Raw Material Review in NBR and HNBR
Nicki Hershberger, October, 2023
Optimization of Test Parameters for Time-Temperature Superposition Testing and Effect of Heat History on Time-Temperature Superposition Results
Jonathan E. Martens* and Kaylan Yaceczko, October 2023
A Methodology of Life Prediction of Tyres – A Look into the ARDL Tyre Aging and Characterisation Methodology which Provides a Novel Technique for Service Life.
Abraham Pannikottu, Uday Karmarkar, April 2004.
A Multiple-Quantum Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigation of Cure System in a Natural Rubber Compound
Jonathan Martens, 2018.
A New Fuel Permeation Test Set-up for SAE J1737 to Determine Hydrocarbon Liquid Losses Through Tubes, Hoses and Fittings.
Abraham Pannikottu, Mark Centea January 2001.
An Improved Method for Measuring Filler Dispersion of Uncured Rubber.
Robert Samples, October 2001.
An Improved Method for Measuring Surface Roughness to Indicate Filler Dispersion.
C.R. Samples, October 2002.
Analysis of Steelcord-Rubber Interface by SEM/EDX; Controlled Experiments.
Jerry J. Leyden, September 2000.
Application of Modulus Profiling to Understand Aging in Rubber and Plastic Components.
Edward R. Terrill, William C. Lewis, Abraham Pannikottu, May 2004.
A Rubber Ingredient
Bill Klingensmith, Bob Samples and Tom Maistros, Fall 1985
Avoid Over-curing to Boost Tear Resistance in Latex Films.
Harry Bader, November-December 2005.
Belt Edge Deterioration in Radial Steel Belted Tires.
Uday Karmarkar, November 2006.
Can Zinc Oxide (active) Replace ‘White Seal’ Grade in Glove Compounding.
Harry Bader, January-February 2003.
Causes of Glove Stains; Fire-retardant Additives; How to ‘Toughen’ Latex Products.
Harry Bader, May-June 2005.
Chlorine Testing Procedure-Condom Burst.
Harry Bader, November-December 1999.
Combustibility of Nitrile Differs from Natural Latex.
Harry Bader, May-June 1998.
Comparison of Dynamic Testing Equipment and Test Methods for Tire Tread Compounds.
Abraham Pannikottu, Kai Hendrickson, Dr. Krishna Baranwal, September 1996.
Comparative Study of Silica, Carbon Black and Novel Fillers in Tread Compounds.
Cynthia M. Flanigan, Laura Beyer, David Klekamp, David Rohweder – Ford, Bonnie Stuck, Edward R. Terrill – ARDL, October 2011.
Compounding for Hot Cap Retread Truck Tires.
Harry Bader.
Condoms also Cause Allergic Reactions.
Harry Bader, September-October 1997.
Continuous Compression Stress Relaxation of Rubber Materials – Testing and Simulation.
Abraham Pannikottu, Charles Lu, Mark Centea, May 1999.
Crack Growth Propagation Study on Elastometric Materials – An Experimental and FEA Modeling Approach.
Abraham Pannikottu, Y. Charles Lu, Kai Hendrickson, Ed Wronkovich, June 1999.
Crosslinking Plasticizers for Injection Molding.
J. Edgar Lohr, Jr., Robert Samples, 1971.
Demineralised Water Causing Latex Compound Instability.
Harry Bader, March-April 2003.
Development of an Immunological Assay for thePpresence of Guayule Proteins.
David A. Kostyal, Kelly Horton, Katrina Cornish, July.
Differences in Latice Performance-Synthetic vs Natural.
Harry Bader, November-December 2003.
Dispersion of Polyethylene Imine-Coated Chopped Fibers in Rubber Matrix.
Charles O. Kerobo, Prabodh Varanasi, Dennis Berry, Kylie Knipp, October 2018.
Effect of Aging and Crosslink Distribution on Physical Properties of Rubber Compounds.
C.R. Samples and Edward Terrill, November 2005.
Effect of Different Nitrile Elastomers in Down Hole Drilling Applicatins With a Review of Testing and Failure Analysis.
Bonnie Stuck, Nicole Hershberger, October 2013.
Effect of Nitrogen Purity on the Oxidation of Belt Coat Compound.
Uday Karmarkar, September 2006.
Effect of Oxygen on Dynamic Mechanical Properties.
Ed Terrill, Ph.D., James T. Lewis, September 2008.
Effect of Talc on Rolling Resistance in Tread Compounds.
Oscar Noel, Gilles Meli, Ph.D. Rio Tinto Minerals/Luzenac, Hamant Thakkar, 2008.
Effect of Talc on the Dispersion of Carbon Black.
Nicole Hershberger, Bonnie L. Stuck – ARDL, Oscar Noes, Dr. Gilles Meli – Imerys Talc, October 2011.
EPDM in Latex Form for Research Project.
Harry Bader, May-June 2006.
Estimation of Resin Reinforcement in Tire Inter-Belt Wedge Compounds.
Edward R. Terrill, Ph.D., Mark Centea – ARDL and  Larry R. Evans, James D. MacIsaac Jr. – NHTSA, June 2010.
European R.E.A.C.H. Overview.
Bonnie L. Stuck, October 2011.
Evaluation of Filler Reinforcements to Improve Cutting and Chipping Resistance of Tire Treads.
Martin L. Engelhardt, Ki Do Kim, Jung Ho Son of Hankook Tire and Krishna Baranwal, Robert Samples, September 1996.
Faulty Dipping Angles-Latex Film Drying.
Harry Bader, July-August 1997.
FEA Support Testing for Elastomer Modeling.
Abraham Pannikottu, Joe Seiler, Jerry J. Leyden, July 1996.
Field Failure Analysis.
Thomas M. Knowles, Robert Samples, May 1983.
Fingerprinting State of Cure of Automotive Elastomers.
Uday Karmarkar, February 2007.
How to Avoid Latex ‘Scum’… Leaching Issues… Flame Retarders… Synthetic Polyisoprene & NR Latex, etc.
Harry Bader, September-October 2005.
How to Control Quality, Process in Latex Operations.
Harry Bader, November-December 1998.
How to Go About Getting the FDA Approval.
Harry Bader, January-February 2002.
How to Make New Anti-Oxidants Work.
Harry Bader, May-June 2002.
How to Spot Blooming; Getting ‘Food Grade’ for Gloves; Store Latex for 10 Years.
Harry Bader, November-December 2004.
How to Stop Pin Holes in Exam Gloves.
Harry Bader, September-October 1996.
Latex Medical Gloves Do Not Protect Against All Substances.
Harry Bader, January-February 1998.
Layered Silicate Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites; Development and Applications.
Hemant Thakkar, et. al. 2007.
Magnesium Content in Latex-Pinholes in Gloves.
Harry Bader, September-October 1999.
Making a Better Industrial Glove.
Harry Bader, March-April 2002.
Material and Rheological Characterization for Rapid Prototyping of Elastomers Components.
Kartik Srinivas, Dhawal Dharaiya
Maturity of Trees Counts a Lot in Terms of Latex Film Properties.
Harry Bader, September-October 2006.
Modulus-Fatigue Resistance of Silica-filled Tire Tread Formulations.
Edward R. Terrill, Helen C. Terrill, James T. Lewis, October 2013.
MST as Indicator of Product Strength; What Makes an Effective Blend; Changing Polymers on Same Machine.
Harry Bader, January-February 2005.
New Developments in the Indentation Modulus Profile Technique.
Edward R. Terrill, William C. Lewis, William W. Terrill, James T. Lewis, March 2011.
New Modified Tear Test.
Dr. Edward R. Terrill, Tom Upton, October 2012.
New Products from Natural Rubber Latex.
Harry Bader, March-April 2006.
Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis Support Testing for Elastomer Parts.
Abraham Pannikottu (Joseph A. Seiler, Jerry J. Leyden), October 1995.
Non-staining AOs Can Solve ‘Pink Problem’.
Harry Bader, September-October 2002.
NRL Will Stay as Raw Material for Many Products.
Harry Bader, November-December 2006.
On Aging Test Failure, Making Softer Surgical Gloves, Siliconisation Problems etc.
Harry Bader, July-August 2004.
On Breakdown Time, Discolouration of Dipped Latex & Leach Time.
Harry Bader, November-December 2001.
On Creasing, Testing Tensile Strength, the Latex ‘Mystery’, and Adhesives…
Harry Bader, September-October 2001.
Oxidation Kinetics in Beltcoat Compound.
Edward Terrill, May 2005.
Ozone Attack-Exam Glove Compound-Balloon Colour.
Harry Bader, January-February 2000.
Particle Count Testing for Vinyl Gloves.
Harry Bader, November-December 2002.
Particle Size of Compounding Chemicals.
Harry Bader, July-August 2006.
Performance Prediction of Elastomeric Gasket Materials by Compression Stress Relaxation.
Abraham Pannikottu, Jerry J. Leyden, Thomas M. Knowles, (Robert Samples, Stanley J. Sadon), 1993.
Phase Reinforcement Effects in TPV Nanocomposites.
Hemant Thakkar, May 2003.
Polyolefin Elastomers with Isotactic Propylene Crystallinity.
Kartik Srinivas, October 2003.
Predicting the Life of TPE Seals in Severe Service Environments.
Jerry J. Leyden, Michael S. Fulmer, February 1993.
Process Control in Latex Operations.
Harry Bader, January-February 1999 (2).
Processing-Structure Relationships in Polypropylene/EPDM Thermoplastic Elastomer Nanocomposites.
Hemant Thakkar, 2004.
Recycled Rubber.
Krishna C. Baranwal, 2003..
Redesigning OTR Compounds With Anti-Reversion Chemistry for Reduced Heat-Build Up and Improved Performance.
Fred Ignatz-Hoover, Byron To, Ed Terrill, October 2009.
Reducing Toxicity in Latex Products.
Harry Bader, July-August 2003.
Relaxation Phenomena of Automotive TPEs.
Abraham Pannikottu, Jerry j. Leyden, Michael S. Fulmer, June 1995.
Resistance to Air Permeation-Water Leakage.
Harry Bader, May-June 2001.
Right Accelerator-AO Combine, Latex Discolouration Causes; NRL Prospects etc.
Harry Bader, March-April 2005.
Right Pricing of Protein-Stripped NRL; Fresh Uses for SR-NR Blends.
Harry Bader, March-April 2004.
Role of Materials Research in Laboratory Tire Aging and Durability Test Development.
Uday Karmarkar, 2006.
Rubber Compound Analysis and Formula Reconstruction.
Thomas Knowles, October 1996.
Safe Method for Chlorination of Medical Gloves.
Harry Bader, February 1997.
Service Life Prediction of Rubber Components Used in Engineering Applications – A Review.
Abraham Pannikottu, January 2002.
Service Life Prediction of Rubber Parts Used in Engineering Applications – Case Studies.
Abraham Pannikottu, August 1997.
Shearographic Analysis of Tire Aging.
Walter H. Waddell, R. Christopher Napier, Donald S. Tracey, Dirk F. Rouckhout – ExxonMobil Chemical, Uday Karmarkar – ARDL, April 2007.
Shelf Life Prediction of Medical Gloves.
Uday Karmarkar, June 2000.
Some Key Questions about Wirecoat Compound Aging.
Edward R. Terrill, September 2006.
SR Latex Can Be Run on NR Latex Machines, but…
Harry Bader, July-August 2002.
Standard for Catheters-Finger Holes-On-Line Chlorination.
Harry Bader, January-February 2001.
Starch Filler in Latex Foam-Gloves’ Degradation.
Harry Bader, July-August 1999.
Study on Crosslink Network in Tire Belt-Coat Compounds.
Edward Terrill, October 2006.
Suitable Bactericide for Latex Compound-Quality Control Checks.
Harry Bader, September-October 1998.
Sustainable Processing Oils in Low RR Tread Compounds.
Cynthia M. Flanigan, Laura Beyer, David Klekamp, David Rohweder – Ford, Bonnie Stuck, Ed Terrill, 2011.
Synthetic Polyisoprene-Neoprene latex.
Harry Bader, November-December 2000.
Systematic Analysis of Rubber Compounds.
J.B. Putman, C.R. Samples and Thomas Knowles, October 1979.
Testing of Rubber Films-Latest Dipping Technology-Anti-Webbing Agent.
Harry Bader, July-August 2000.
The Effect of Binding Free Sulfur in Vulcanized Soybean Oil.
Nicole Hershberger, October 2013.
The Effect of Silane Loading on Properties of a Silica Filled SBR Model Tread Compound.
Jonathan E. Martens, Edward R. Terrill, James T. Lewis, Richard J. Pazur, October 2014.
The Effects of Dynamic Vulcanization on the Morphology and Rheology of TPV’s and their Nanocomposites.
Hemant Thakkar, October 2003.
The Effects of Inflation Gas on Tire Laboratory Test Performance.
James Macisaac DOT – NHTSA, Larry Evans, John Harris Transportation Research Institute,  Ed Terrill, Ph.D., 2008.
The Essential 4 T’s of leaching.
Harry Bader, September-October 2004.
The Problem of Glove Hole, Creaming Process for Synthetic Latex, etc.
Harry Bader, May-June 2004.
The Role of Wax Blends In Rubber.
Thomas M. Knowles and Michael J. Reynolds, October 1989.
Time Domain Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Investigating Silane Coupling in a Silica Filled SBR Model Tread Compound.
Jonathan E. Martens, Edward R. Terrill, James T. Lewis – ARDL, Richard J. Pazur – QETE, October 2013.
Tire Aging Studies Using Modulus Mapping and Diffusion Limited Oxidation Model.
Edward Terrill and Uday Karmarkar, Abraham Pannikottu, October 2003.
Tire Innerliner Analysis for NHTSA Tire Aging Test Development Project.
Edward R. Terrill, Ana C. Barbur, Mario J. Maffei, October 2008.
Tire Rolling Resistance for Light Vehicles 1: Selections of Tires and Tests for Rating System Development.
John Harris, Larry Evans – Transportation Research Institute, James MacIsaac – DOT _ NHTSA, Ed Terrill, Ph.D., 2008.
Tire Rolling Resistance for Light Vehicles II: Comparison of Rolling Resistance Values Obtained from Different Test Methods and in Different Laboratories.
Larry Evans, John Harris – Transportation Research Institute, James MacIsaac – DOT _ NHTSA, Ed Terrill, Ph.D., 2008.
Use of Chemicals in Compounding; Boosting Film Colour; for Higher CM in Mattresses, etc.
Harry Bader, July-August 2005.
Use of “Clean” Paraffinic Processing Oils to Improve TPE Properties.
Barbara J. Gedion, Melissa Martin – ARDL, Nadine L. Yenni – Chevron Products Company, September 1999.
Use of DTBHQ-Book on Technology-Qualifying New Latex.
Harry Bader, May-June 2000.
Use of TD-NMR and Mini DeMattia-Crack-Growth for Characterization of EPDM Hose Compounds.
Edward R. Terrill, Jonathan Martens, August 2013.
Using Dynamic Mechanical Properties to Understand Reinforcement and Hysteresis Mechanisms of Model SBR Tread Compounds.
Martin L. Engelhardt, Gary L. Day Hankook Tire with Robert Samples, Krishna C. Baranwal, 1994.
Winter Tires: Tread Material Test Innovations.
Uday Karmarkar, December 2007.

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